Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers' Day at our place

Okay, so it's almost an entire week after Mothers' Day, but we have had a week of fires, sleepless nights and snuffly children. So I am only just getting to this now!

Last Saturday began very emotionally. I was struggling with what to do with Bel (we have removed her bedroom door after Willow had her fingers slammed in it) and then I got a phone call that my dad's house had caught fire. Luckily, it wasn't too serious. There is a bucket load of damage, but fortunately it's all outside the house. I was so glad that I had been on top of the Mothers' Day craft and had that completed by Friday. Bel had such a good time. I am really loving that she is now old enough to actually do the crafts with only a little assistance from me! So she baked...

...and made bubble bath, ensuring that there was enough for her to enjoy that evening. Then Sunday morning, I discovered that the girls and their Daddy had been very busy crafting, just for me!

Sorry about the blurry photo. My good camera is broken and our little one just isn't great in the late afternoon! Each jar also contained chocolate. David tried very hard to keep their goings on a secret, but I already had been told by Bel that they were painted jars. I just wasn't allowed to see them before the big day! I also got a new cuddle bathrobe. It's lovely!

I hope all of the other mums out there had an amazing day!

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