Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evolution of the owl

This is the first owl I ever made.

 It now hangs out in the depths of ‘the zoo’: a cage for all of the girls’ stuffed toys.

 Next, I tried to make the owl able to stand by adding a flat bottom (it doesn’t actually stand, it’s too top heavy).

I then tried to see if shortening the body would make any difference (I still wasn't sure, but look at my gorgeous girl!!).

Then, I read the archives of my hero, Abby Glassenberg’s, blog (she is ah-mazing and gives brilliant tips and advice!!) and learned more about making softies in 3D. This latest owl has three panels instead of simply a front and a back so that it can actually stand up by itself.

 I’m still planning to tweek it some more, but I am very happy with where it is heading.

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