Monday, November 11, 2013

No Postmen Traverse the Skies

I heard somewhere that it's only 6 weeks til Christmas.
We are making gifts again this year, so we've already started production lines and crafting days. Most of it is organised, a lot of it is wrapped, some have already been sent.


There is one gift that cannot be sent.

We bought a gift and wrapped it up:
The paper has butterflies.
We tried to send it off to you,
But no postmen traverse the skies.

So during these bittersweet days,
We send our love and tears.
Even though you are no longer here,
We thank God that we our years.

So we will keep your gift,
Wrapped with butterflies
Because no postmen traverse the skies.

Spare a thought for those who suffer for one reason or another at Christmas. Please don't get caught up in the hype of gifts and buying. It's not the dollar value that counts.

Remember the reason for the season...

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