Monday, February 13, 2012


I wanted to dedicate a whole post to this project.
Last year here in Cairns, the council put up lanterns in trees around the city as part of Cairns Festival. It has been Little One's favourite past time to go and see the 'Lantern Trees'. Unfortunately, the council, suddenly and inexplicably, took down the last of the lanterns at the Lagoon. LO was devastated! So, we broke out the recyclables, fabric scraps, paint and hot glue gun and made our own lanterns. They have been loads of fun and we place battery operated candles in them so LO can place them wherever she wants in the evening.
Once again, I consulted so many tutorials across the net in coming up with these ideas. There are so many amazing people willing to share their ideas!

On a political note, our current mayor is not popular, at all, but it's saying something when a 3 year old is unhappy with your decisions!

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