Monday, February 13, 2012

Slack blogging!

I am the slackest blogger. So I am going to start trying to catch up. It's not that I haven't been sewing, but just as uni finished I found out I was pregnant. It was not a fun time and now my tiny one is 6 months old and I am just starting to feel as thought I can start doing things again!
Once again we had a handmade Christmas. I will have to dedicate an entire post to that. I started sewing in October and was still making things for Little One the night before Christmas Eve!
But once the new year arrived, the focus has been on more general gift-giving. It seems that there are more and more birthdays to celebrate every year! To kick the year off, I made one of my oldest and dearest friends a chicken (inspired by Ikat's amazing design
'Jessie' the chicken softie
Then we found out that the amazing midwife who delivered Tiny One was moving away. She has been an amazing friend and we couldn't have made it through the labour without her! So, to give her a parting gift, I used my girls' and Little One's best friend's silhouettes to create a wall hanging for her to remember the girls by.
Silhouette wall hanging

Now with Valentine's Day tomorrow, I am thinking that this afternoon we will break out the pink and red felt and create something to show the girls' friends that we love them!

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