Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seedpod Fun

 It has been so nice to finally have some consistent blue sky. The girls are loving getting out and about. The temperature has come right down and the outdoors is just spectacular! This time of year is what all Cairnsites stay here for!! We found some seedpods on our wanderings a few days ago, which lead to loads of crafting fun with the girls' aunty who is staying for the week.

So over a bowl of popcorn, wielding a hot glue gun, scissors, fabric and bamboo skewers, we made some very cute seedpod boats.

Seedpod boats
Bel loved floating them in the water, but got a bit frustrated at the big one because it kept capsizing.

Seedpod boat with pegdoll
The small one was the perfect size for the little pegdoll boy we made last week, but Bel was terrified the boat would capsize with him in it and he couldn't swim. She held the boat very securely until I took him out!

Seedpod boats in 'dry dock'

We also found some complete seedpods. One of which reminded me of a baby all bundled up. So we pulled out the paints and some ribbon to make a ‘Bush Baby’.

Bush Baby

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