Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I found fairies in our garden...

More than anything, I love making things for my girls, especially when they can give me input on what they want. Seeing their faces when what they have imagined comes to life is so thrilling!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a birthday party to attend. The invitation arrived in our letterbox and it called for Avengers to assemble! Unfortunately, I have two girls who have no idea who the Avengers are, so Big was a little confused.

I explained that it was a costume party and she immediately asked if she could go as Tinker Bell. Once she gets an idea in her head, it is next to impossible to shake it, so I set about making a Tinker Bell costume.

Hubby wanted to dress Little as the Hulk, which reduced Big to tears because she found the idea of a green sister scary. But the problem was soon solved.

As soon as Little saw Big in her Tinker Bell costume, she asked, "Mine?" Within a couple of days, two costumes had been made. I had bought Little a tutu from a second hand shop, so hers ended up being a bright pink costume to save time. It is that bright, that I had to move away from the window when I was cutting it out because the sun on it hurt my eyes!

Little wore her costume almost every day, but Big wanted to save hers for the party.

At the party, the parents and extended family had gone all out! A city backdrop had been painted and an uncle, who is a photographer, took photos of each child posing in their costumes. The party favours were a frame for each child with their photo in it. The birthday boy's mum had covered each frame with pages from old comic books. The girls love theirs!!

While Big wore store bought Tinker Bell wings that had been a gift, I did make Little's. I'm happy to post a tutorial if anyone is interested. They were very basic to make.

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