Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just recently, at the encouragement of a friend from playgroup, I've joined a couple of reading groups. I felt like smacking myself in the head during the conversation with my friend. I'm an English teacher for goodness sake! I read more than a book a week (if it's good, a book a day!).

I've joined numerous online sewing groups, so why not reading? So last week I joined 2 groups (and am open to joining more!).

I was very excited to be invited to my friend's facebook book club which has numerous members who are authors themselves and I therefore get the heads up about new books coming out and new up and coming authors. The second is uber-exciting. The site is (forgive my inability to put links in!). On signing up, I joined their early reviewers section and put my hand up for member giveaways. The result: I got given a book for free in exchange for a review. How fantastic is that?!

So, without further ado, here is my first review, as posted on Library Thing, for Rebecca Hamilton's "Forever Girl Series - Sophia's Journey".

Hamilton creates an underworld that is both thrilling and enticing in ‘The Forever Girl’. She successfully interweaves myth and legend with reality in a refreshing take on the realm of the supernatural.
The characters are quite delightful and remain consistent throughout the novel. Sophia is engaging and easy to relate to, as we all feel on the outer at some point. While she is no shrinking violet, she has a softness to her and a realism as she discovers there is more to her life than she ever imagined. Similarly, I found the environmental consciousness of Charles especially entertaining and original.
While the market has been saturated with books of this genre, Hamilton presents a world that seems darker and more mythical than I have read so far. However, this seems to make her work more believable as the ‘elementals’ seem to form a more complete legend than vampires and shapshifters alone.

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