Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More additions to our home

I try (try being used very loosely) to do some form of art and craft with Bel while Willow naps each day. It doesn't always happen and it's not always elaborate, but over the past couple of days it has! Yesterday was Gumboot Gardens and today we made wooden peg people.

I was very inspired by We Bloom Here's wooden peg people. She makes so many amazing little people!! So I got to searching and found a great shop on Etsy called I used to be a tree. So when the parcel arrived (amazingly quickly!) Bel and I got painting (well, a few days later...). After convincing her that we only needed one daddy for the family we were making, rather than the three she originally wanted, we settled on a mummy, a daddy, a sister, a brother and a baby. I never thought of myself as very artistic, but with We Bloom Here's amazing pictures, I managed to recreate hair and faces. I am pretty thrilled with the results!

Wooden peg people family

Bel thought they were ever so cute. She painted their 'clothes' on them herself.

The peg people family at home

Then, they moved into their new home. This doll house was made by David's grandfather when David was little. He was working on restoring it and Bel was a bit too enthusiastic with the green paint and then decided that she wanted to play with it now, rather than waiting for it to be done up!

Our happy family!!

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