Monday, March 26, 2012

Gumboot Garden How-To

Two posts in one day! It's very wet! We woke up this morning to our street being flooded. It has been raining pretty solidly all day. We also had torrential rain last week and our garage became flooded. It was such a pain at the time, but it gave us the motivation to clean it out. In the cleanup I found an old pair of gumboots and decided to turn them into planters. It was so simple! Here's how I did it...

1 pair of old gumboots
1 bag potting mix
Flower seedlings
Stanley knife

Optional materials: 1 rainy day, 2 bored boys whose school was flooded, 1 enthusiastic toddler with new gardening gloves!

Like I said, it was really easy. All I did was drill holes in the bottom of the boots (pretty proud seeing as I have only used a drill once before!), cut a square section out of the toe of the boot, filled the boots with potting mix, added seedlings and...

Viola!! Now we just have to wait for the rain to clear and hopefully the sunshine will give us some lovely pink flowers! I'll post pictures when they do flower.

As an aside, yay I got my first follower! Thank you, Charity. I wrote a review for her book 'Wicked Sinners' last week. Make sure you check out her books at (But be warned, her site is 18+)

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