Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crafting with Daddy

I love weekends! Hubby is home and spends time with the girls. I love watching them play. He has a whole different style with them and they love it! David is also a closet crafter. He doesn't go for flashy supplies, but he loves taking something and turning it into a toy or decorating it more than he likes to admit!
A while ago a friend of ours who adores all things ladybug gave Bel 3 little red dome lights from Ikea. They are battery operated and very cute. At the time, David said we should paint them to make them look like ladybeetles. But Bel was having too much fun 'decorating' her room with them.
They resurfaced on the weekend when we tidied her room and being a very rainy time, David pulled out a nikko and got decorating.
David drew basic dividing lines on the lights to create ladybug features and showed Bel how to draw a face and spots on it. She tried but, being the perfectionist that she is, got upset when hers didn't look like Daddy's.
I think Bel's is the cutest. David called him Beauregard and the other two are Will and Jay after the friends who gave them to us.

Ladybug lights
Bel loves them even more now that they have little personalities. It doesn't show in the photo, but the 'spots' that Bel drew on Beauregard actually look like love hearts.

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